For Physicians:  Why & When To Order Testing

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCV) & Videomystagraphy (VNG)

Mobile NCV

Our mission is to provide high quality mobile neurodiagnostic services in a compassionate, caring, and ethical manner to the customers we serve while expanding their clinical capabilities and enhancing their profitability.

Common indications for NCV:

Why Order A Nerve Conduction Test?

  1. Nerve testing used to be a painful and costly ordeal. Modern tests are painless and cost effective performed in your office by a trained medical technologist.
  2. Prevent permanent nerve damage: The nerve conduction test- ing system indicates nerve dysfunction before permanent damage is caused.
  3. Nerves are invisible: Nerves cannot be seen on X-Ray, MRI, or C.T. scans. Testing nerve functions is the only way to know what is actually occurring within the nerve and determine which nerve may cause permanent damage.
  4. Pain is not always where it seems: Nerves cross-over and inter- connect in such a way that pain in one area often originates from a pinched or irritated nerve in a distant area, relatively far from the symptoms.
  5. Target the exact problem: Armed with information derived from nerve testing, you are able to locate the specified nerve caus- ing related symptoms.

When To Order Electrodiagnostic Tests

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